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Hull Veterinary Group offers help for new puppy owners

Vespa 2The practicalities of caring for a new puppy is something pet owners owners might not think about straight away, so Haven Veterinary Group is issuing information for those who have made a furry addition to the household since Christmas, as well as those contemplating getting a puppy.

The group’s advice comes ahead of new legislation which requires dog owners in England to microchip and register their dog. The new laws will come into force from April 6.

Jim Morris, Haven Veterinary Group owner and Principal Vet, said: “We want to help new pet owners give their animals a healthy start to life.

“While puppies are a joy to have around, they also require a great deal of commitment, hard work and effort to care for. We would like people to know that they can contact either of our branches at Hedon or Hull for help and guidance regarding their new pets.”

The team at Haven Veterinary Group have put together seven top tips for new dog owners:

1. Make an appointment for a check-up with the vet as soon as you have your puppy. During this visit, the vet will check the overall health of your puppy and be able to advise you on vaccinations, worming and health issues.

2. Ensure you microchip and register your dog – and make sure you keep the details up to date. Haven Veterinary Group offers microchipping services at both practices. From April 6 this year, microchipping will be a legal requirement.

3. Put thought into the environment you create for your dog. Puppies need a draught-free, warm, quiet and clean place to sleep. You will have to teach them where to eat and train them where to go to the toilet.

4. Strongly consider neutering your dog. This will help reduce the number of unwanted pets, prevent diseases and some unwanted behaviours.

5. Always use a food suitable for your puppy’s breed and size, and make sure clean, fresh drinking water is available. You can ask your vet for advice on what, and how much, to feed your puppy.

6. Your puppy will want something to chew on so try a nylon bone, rawhide chews or large hard biscuits.

7. Take the time to gently expose your puppy to as many experiences as possible. Meeting other puppies and dogs (only when protected by vaccinations), new people, sights and sounds will help your puppy to be well-socialised and well-behaved.

For puppy, and kitten, owners who register their pet with them, Haven Veterinary Group, are offering a free pack including a voucher for a free routine health check with a nurse that includes a free flea and worm treatment, a slip lead or a soft toy, a beginner’s guide to owning a puppy or a kitten, information on health plans and pet insurance, and a Haven fridge magnet with the practices’ contact details.