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Remember Remember Your Pets in November!

Here are our top ten tips to help your pet cope with firework fears:

  1. Make sure your dog or cat has somewhere to hide if he or she wants and has access to this place at all times.
  1. During firework season, walk dogs during daylight hours and keep cats and dogs indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off.
  1. At nightfall close windows and curtains and put on music or the television to mask and muffle the sound of fireworks.
  1. It’s fine to comfort your pet if it helps them relax, or leave them alone unless you think they will harm themselves.
  1. Don’t get cross or punish your pet, regardless of their behaviour, as it will only make them more distressed.
  1. Have your pet micro-chipped. If they do escape, frightened animals can easily get lost.
  1. If your pets live outside, partly cover cages, pens and aviaries with blankets so that one areas is well sound-proofed. Make sure that your pet is still able to look out.
  1. Provide lots of extra bedding so your pet has something to burrow in.
  1. Horses and ponies – Keep your horse in a familiar environment, in their normal routine with any companions to make them feel secure.
  1. Don’t take the risk of riding when you think fireworks may be set off.

If your pet is frightened by loud noises, don’t ignore the problem.  You should always seek advice from your vet.  We have a variety of products available such as pheromone diffusers and supplements to help calm your pet, we also have leaflets and a sound desensitising CD that you can borrow.