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Haven Vet Group can now test your pets eye pressure

Did you know, that at Haven Vets we can now measure your pet’s eye pressure quickly with a patient- friendly tonometer?

Why check your pet’s eye pressure?


Most eye diseases cause redness of the eye. Fast, discrete measurement supplies important information; we can distinguish between harmless and serious eye problems, such as glaucoma



Why is it important to spot signs of glaucoma early?

Glaucoma not only causes blindness, but can also lead to irreversible eye damage and severe pain. Early treatment is absolutely essential to avoid permanent damage!

Is my pet at risk?

Here is a list of dog breeds predisposed to glaucoma:

Afghan Border Collie Cocker Spaniel Great Dane Newfoundland Samoyed
 Akita Boston Terrier Dachshund Greyhound Norfolk Terrier Schnauzer (all varieties)
Alaskan Malamute Bouvier des Flanders Dalmatian Irish Setter Norwegian Elkhound Scottish Terrier
American Eskimo Dog Brittany Brittany Dandie Dinmont Terrier Italian Greyhound Norwich Terrier Sealyham Terrier
Australian Cattle Dog Bullmastiff English Cocker Spaniel Keeshond Pekingese Shar Pei
Basset Hound Cairn Terrier English Springer Spaniel Labrador Retriever Pembroke  Welsh Corgi Shiba Inu
Beagle Cardigan Entlebucher Mountain Dog Lakeland Terrier Petit Basset  Griffon Vendéen Shih Tzu
Bedlington Terrier Welsh Corgi Flat-coated Retriever Maltese Poodle (all varieties) Siberian Husky
Bichon Frise Chihuahua Fox Terrier (all varieties) Manchester Terrier Pug Skye Terrier
Blue Healer Chow Chow Golden Retriever Miniature Pinscher Saluki Tibetan Terrier
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Welsh Terrier
West Highland Terrier

So if your pet is one of the breeds at risk of developing glaucoma, why not pay us a visit and ask about pet friendly eye pressure check.

If you notice red, bloodshot eye; sudden cloudiness; pain; or a swollen, bulging eye, then please contact us immediately. Any delay could result in the animal becoming blind.

Written by Antony Bada MRCVS