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Jordan Sinclair – 3 Months at Haven Vet Group

Hello, I’m Jordan – one of the new(ish) vets at Haven. I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2017 and joined the Haven team in March after spending 6 months in mixed practice on my home turf in Leicestershire. Throughout university, I had the opportunity to spend some time abroad gaining experience in various disciplines of veterinary, including wildlife medicine in South Africa, a charity neutering clinic for street dogs in India and, most recently, I spent a month in Morocco at an equine hospital caring for the working donkeys, mules and horses of Fez.



My family has a small farm in Leicester, which is home to a variety of animals with the most recent addition being a cheeky Shetland foal. Before university I was a keen showjumper and continued the competitive streak through my studies as part of the university riding teams. Now I ride when I can and also enjoy cycling, having recently started a velodrome accreditation course.


I’m particularly interested in internal medicine but am keen to get involved in all aspects of small animal and equine practice. Since I began working at Haven, I feel very much welcomed into the team. Every vet is friendly, approachable and keen to teach. I never have to worry about not being able to get help if I’m stuck and all of the vets are happy to support me through the challenges of being a recently graduated vet. This has made it a great environment to learn in and gain confidence in myself after having a bit of a rough start to my career as a vet. I’m so thankful to my colleagues for that and am excited to continue working at Haven and seeing more of beautiful Yorkshire.