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The Importance of Maintaining Parasite Protection During the Coronavirus Lockdown

With recent events, it’s understandable that we’re all a little preoccupied, and it might be easy to forget your pet’s usual flea, tick and worming treatments.

But it’s important to keep up with regular preventative treatments to make sure your pet stays healthy and avoids unnecessary visits to the vet during the Coronavirus lockdown.

With the whole household spending more time at home, it’s extremely important to be parasite free.  That’s we are working in new ways to make sure your pet receives the care they deserve.

If you do have any concerns about your pets health or need a prescription for your routine medication, we can even arrange a telephone consultation*.

Call us or follow the link for more information on how to keep your pet’s parasite free:

Flea Protection During Lockdown

Is your pet scratching, irritable and shedding more fur than usual?

As the temperatures go up, so does the flea activity!  These little critters like warm environments.  So as the Coronavirus lockdown continues into the warmer months it’s important to keep on top of the treatment.

Living in close quarters during the coronavirus lockdown might make the signs your pet has fleas more noticeable.  And it may also mean you’re more at risk of being bitten!

The good news is protecting your pet against fleas, as well as treating the home environment, can help avoid infestations in the home.

Lungworm and the risks during lockdown

Enjoy your garden with your dog, but beware there are hidden risks in your garden, including lungworm.

Preventative treatment for lungworm is only available on prescription

Lungworm is a type of parasitic worm than can infect the heart, blood vessels and lungs of dogs, and it can be fatal.  It is transmitted to dogs by slugs and snails.

Dogs can contact lungworm by ingesting infected slugs and snails, and even their slime trail can carry infective larvae.   You may not even be aware that your dog has swallowed a slug, snail or the slime trail as this could be hidden in grass, on outside dog toys or hidden on an outside water bowl.

Intestinal Worms during Lockdown

Roundworm eggs can survive for several years in environment and one female roundworm can lay up to 85,000 eggs each day!

So even if you’re not getting out and about with your dog as much as usual during the coronavirus lockdown, it doesn’t mean they can’t still pick up intestinal worms.

Ticks during Lockdown

Please still keep an eye out for ticks if you and your dog have been out for your walk, or in the garden.

Ticks aren’t picky – They’ll happily bite a dog, a cat or even you!

The best way to protect you and your pet from tick-borne diseases is by preventing ticks biting in the first place.  And during the coronavirus lockdown, keeping your home tick-free is as important as ever.

And remember you can help your pet avoid ticks with a regular tick treatment.