Happy Customer Testimonials

MelodyI brought melody to your practice because she had bumble foot i had tried to soften the scab but to no avail knowing that this could need cutting out to heal I decided to bring her in to be looked at. When I first got my chickens back in Septemeber last year as piont of lay hens, one had a cough I asked someone in the village where she went so made an appiontment, I was so happy with the vet knowing about chickens and he told me he also kept them ( I know few vets treat them from a site I am a member on ) She is a pet to me and as such I treat her the same as my other pets when they need treatment. Because of that I had no problem in taking her. I also put a pic of the chicken tape the vet gave me on this site and it got over a hundred likes. and the following two also where liked tractor and sheep. My 7 year old son liked the tractor one and had to wear and band of it to school. Melody is very well now thank you.

May I also add that the week before my rabbit got attacked by a dog in the morning I rushed her to your practice and got there about 8.30am frantic with worry I banged on the door for help. The vet that saw me was extremly calm with me and butterscotch and put me at ease.The care and thoughtfulness of me and my families worries about her health where taken to heart and we where kept informed of everything they found during the day.

I would recomend your practice to anyone, in fact I have done to my neighbour who has now registered with yourself – Mrs P


Today, my Dad and myself took our border collie Shep to Haven on Holderness Road.  He was over 13 years old and ailing.  We had to have him put down – this was the best thing for him.  We were very well looked after by all the staff.  Shep fell asleep quickly and peacefully.  A real blessing.  He was a wonderful, sweet natured dog.  Thank you to the Haven staff throughout Shep’s life and our family’s other dogs over the decades.  Here is a picture of Shep looking gorgeous.  Lots of love, Tracey Power


 Here we are the new born guinea pigs. We took our Guinea Pig Marmalade to Holderness Road Haven and really glad we did the help advice and service was fantastic! Marmalade had her 2 babies this morning they are perfect little piglets and Mama is well too she does seem rather tired though.
The babies pictured are a few minutes old! Our black and White guinea pig is acting the wonderful Auntie Willow.
Thank you Haven        Guinea pigs

 Fantastic! My dog had surgery by another vets I take her to, she came home after, she was doing well and at the check up they said everything is okay you wont need to come in next week. The next day it was like a horror movie! We rushed her to our normal vets it was closed, we rushed her to Haven which was about to close but stayed open for us, within an hour, my dog seemed good again. Haven saved her life and I am so thankful! We are new customers now. Mrs Mc

These vets are fantastic. They are friendly and they understand how emotional people feel about their pets, so are really caring when you have to have a pet put to sleep, and are supportive when you take your pet in for an operation.
Finding a vet who is competent in the treatment of small rodents is difficult, and with Haven I couldn’t be more happy.. Yu-Gi

Many thanks to all, for the care given to Cleo over the past 10 years.
It’s the first day in 30years, we’ve not had a Boxer in the house.
Please stick with us and when the time is right, we’re bound to find another
one that needs us as much as our need.
Kind Regards and hope we’re not away too long. Peter and Val

“This is the third vets I have taken my rabbit to and will be the last. They are excellent!!”

“Such a lovely friendly caring vet who obviously loves animals. I cannot express how at ease I felt putting the care of my pet in their hands”. Faye T


” We have been clients of Haven for over 35 years and even though we have moved out of the area, we are happy to come back to Haven for all our pets needs”
 – Mr & Mrs L

“All the staff are brilliant and so very friendly” – Mrs D

“We travel from Beverley to your Holderness Road branch and we have done for years. Everyone is lovely” – Mr & Mrs M

“We are coming back to you from another Vets as they don’t give us the warm and friendly service that you do” – Miss C

“Mike has been really kind and so patient with me and **** I am very happy with Haven” – Mr T

“Liz is lovely, so understanding I will really miss her while she is away on maternity leave”  – Mrs P


“Thank you for the eye surgery on our bull you did a great job” – Mr K