Haven Holderness Road

Haven Veterinary Group prides itself on the number of pets and small animals that are routinely treated.

684-6 Holderness Road has been the home of our surgery in East Hull since the 1960s.  Then it was situated in front of Craven Park (the old Hull Kingston Rovers ground).  We stayed whilst Rovers moved and we are now in front of Wm Morrisons supermarket and next door to the new Park Health Centre.  We have car parking to the side of our building which is accessed through the supermarket car park.   There is also parking on Holderness Road itself.

As with our Hedon practice, the small animal practice at 684 Holderness Road is happy to see all your pets – from dogs to dragons (bearded or otherwise), from cats to chinchillas and the whole range in between, be they feathered, furred or scaly.

We have excellent facilities and equipment and can provide diagnostic procedures to identify most illnesses. We offer anything from routine vaccinations and neutering to in-depth internal medicine cases. We have full kennel facilities, isolation facilities (to control infectious disease), the latest Sevoflurane anaesthesia, ECG, electrocautery surgery, biochemistry, radiology, ultrasonography, blood pressure monitoring and full surgical suites with a full range of orthopaedic equipment.

Our veterinary team consists of  Kim Barrow, Liz Pocock, Rachel Robinson and is led by Antony Bada.  Our vets are assisted by an able and experienced staff of nurses and occasionally some of the other vets are here to help out too!

The Client Care Team is led by Anne Docherty and as at Hedon,  the team have many years of experience between them and will be happy to answer your queries, give advice and assist wherever possible.

Client Care Team Holderness RoadIn the last year we have upgraded our imaging equipment and now have full digital x-ray to give improved diagnosis.  In common with the rest of the practice, we use Sevoflurane as our gaseous anaesthetic.  This is the safest agent available – we know how precious your pet is to you and how stressful the thought of an anaesthetic can be.

We also offer dental work including endodontics and are fully equipped with an air driven dental machine and an ultrasonic scaler.

The Holderness Road practice undertakes many orthopaedic procedures each year. We have extensive orthopaedic equipment for fracture repair. We have high-quality plates and screws, intra-medullary pins, and external fixators. We also undertake surgery for cruciate ligament repair, luxating patellas, hip dislocation, pelvic fractures, surgery for OCD, and even broken jaws.


A full emergency service is provided. At weekends and bank holidays emergencies are seen until 4pm at Holderness Road. Night work is undertaken on our behalf by Vets Now at the PDSA Petaid Hospital at Brunswick Avenue who also offer free out of hours phone advice. This has allowed us to focus and be much more proactive during the days when we see 99% of our clients. This means you will not see a dishevelled vet that has been up all night working! We have found this venture to be of great importance as it has allowed us to concentrate and be at our best when we are needed most,whilst providing the essential cover for our patients at all times.