can-dogs-eat-mushrooms_8acc39ff3a41a5beWe all want our dogs to be good eaters, but need to be aware that not everything they want to eat may be good! Dogs tend to have adventurous appetites. Also, they will investigate anything new and interesting with their mouths, much as we would with our fingers. This combination of adventurous appetites and inquisitive mouths can get them into trouble. One thing we need to be aware of when our canine companions are happily nosing around on their walks, is that they may inadvertently exposed themselves to nastiness….


Recently there have been instances of dogs encountering TOXIC MUSHROOMS on their walks in the East Yorkshire area, and unfortunately this has had serious health consequences for these animals. There is plenty of information available about these mushrooms, which are commonly encountered in urban parks, garden lawns and in the countryside. Somebody with specialist knowledge in the highly complex area of mushroom identification may be able to know edible forms from toxic forms, but it is safest to assume that any mushroom your dog may be showing interest in is best left alone.


If you see your dog nosing around an area where you can see mushrooms, move on to an area where these are not present. If your dog may have eaten mushrooms, and is showing any signs of concern (such as vomiting, salivating, dullness) then attend your veterinary surgery at the earliest opportunity.


To read more about TOXIC MUSHROOMS and their potential effects on our companion animals, the following websites may be of interest….

Written by Phillip Van Der Reit

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