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Holderness Road Branch – Refurbishment & Upgrade Latest News!

If you’ve been attending our Holderness Road surgery over the last 3 months, you will have noticed that we have got the builders in.  We are busy refurbishing and upgrading our surgical and hospital areas.

As well as making sure that the area looks shiny and new, we have rebuilt our isolation facility and laboratory.

The laboratory equipment we use will also be upgraded so we can provide more in-house tests with quicker results.  The area we find most exciting however, is that we are creating dedicated cat and reptile wards.

These will allow our furry and scaly friends somewhere that they can feel safer away from the gaze of large dogs.

The builders have been working hard and we hope the refurbished area to be up and running by the end of February and we are planning an ‘Open Day’ for the Spring or Early Summer.  Attached are a few photographs of the progress so far.



Free Puppy and Kitten Packs…

puppy and kitten

Are you contemplating getting a new puppy and/or kitten? Have you given thought to once you bring that bundle of fluff and energy home with you, the commitment, effort and sheer hard work it might take? Have you already got your new member of the family and not sure of what you need to do next? Or would you just like some general help and guidance?

Well, don’t panic, because here at Haven with every puppy/kitten registered with us, we will give you a puppy/kitten pack completely FREE.

 In these packs you will find:

A beginner’s guide to owning a puppy/kitten.

A Haven poo bag dispenser with all the important contact details you might need.

A voucher for a FREE routine health check with one of our nurses.

Information on pet health plans and pet insurance.

 We look forward to meeting you and your new addition and if you would like any further information, then please give one of our branches a call, we will be happy to help.








Some of our four legged friends to benefit from xmas fund raising!

We would like to thank everyone who was involved with our Christmas Fund Raising campaign. We raffled 2 fantastic hampers, sold beautiful Christmas cards and lavender donkeys and even had a “guess the donkey’s name” competition.

Thanks to all of your generosity, we raised £250.00 for the Donkey Sanctuary and £138.80 for Carr House dog rescue in Hull

If you would like to know more about the Donkey Sanctuary then please check out their website and\or Facebook pages from these links:

Also, if you would like to know more about Carr House, then here’s the link to their website and Facebook pages:


Thank you to Hannah Bryer for the photographs.

Working with Animal Charities

Working with Animal Charities


Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 2015

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 2015


Christmas Eve                      Open until 6pm

Christmas Day                     Emergencies only – Vets Now

Boxing Day                           Emergencies only – Holderness Road Branch

Sunday 27th December     Normal Sunday Service – Holderness Road Branch

Monday 28th December    Normal Sunday Service – Holderness Road Branch

Tuesday/Wednesday        As normal

New Year’s Eve                   Open until 6pm

New Year’s Day                   Emergencies only – Holderness Road Branch


 Hedon Branch – 01482 898301

Holderness Road Branch – 01482 376477

Vets Now – 01482 908169

Wishing all our clients A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Seasons Greeting to all from Haven


All of us here at Haven Veterinary Group Ltd would like to wish our Clients, Colleagues, Suppliers, Facebook followers and Friends past and present a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We are very proud to have been serving the local community for over 100 years and we look forward to continuing this tradition into 2016.

Haven is hoping to bring a spot of Christmas Cheer…

If you are passing and/or visiting one of our Haven branches in the run up to Christmas, why not buy a Christmas raffle ticket. We have a lovely Christmas hamper and a “name the donkey” competition at Hedon helping us raise funds for the Donkey Sanctuary. Over at our Holderness Road branch we have a super Christmas hamper and proceeds going to Carr House dog rescue centre. The tickets are only 20p each or £1 per strip.

.Hedon hamper

Thank you so much for all your support, we and our 4 legged friends really do appreciate it


Raising funds for The Donkey Sanctuary


We are raising funds for The Donkey Sanctuary, such a worthy cause. It’s easy to forget the amazing contribution that donkeys and mules make to humanity and they are such hardworking creatures. Quite often they are over worked and taken advantage of and without going into statistics or shocking photographs, they sometimes need help.

So, why not drop in to our Hedon Branch of Haven and have a go on our “Name the Donkey” for just £1 a go, you could win a gorgeous cuddly donkey and know that you are helping the people who go out of their way to come to a donkeys aid when needed.

Even if you don’t want to have a go at the competition, why not drop in some loose change, every single penny helps. Thank you so much

Please take extra special care of your pets this week

JimNovember 5th is one of my favourite nights of the year. I like nothing better than standing by a roaring bonfire with a large piece of parkin in my hand watching the rockets explode overhead.

I know that the night is a celebration, but imagine how it must feel if you don’t know this. Suddenly the sky is filled with strange lights and loud noises it must be very confusing.

This is how our pets must feel at this time of year and for many of them these strange lights and loud noises are terrifying.

It is therefore up to us as their carers to do all we can to overcome their anxiety.

They will feel safer at home when the fireworks start so it is best to walk dogs in the daytime and to make sure your cat is in and the cat flap locked. Pets have far more sensitive hearing than we do so make sure windows are shut and curtains drawn to muffle the sounds from outside and keep out any flashes. It also helps to have the television or some music on in the background as again this will help drown out noise from outside.

It is also a good idea to make your pet a den were they can hide. Do this before the fireworks season starts it should be somewhere in the house they like to hide such as behind the sofa. They should have free access and be able to settle down comfortably. Cats often like their den to be raised off the ground. Placing old blankets, clothing or toys in the den will reassure them.

When the fireworks are on your pet can be distracted by playing with them or by giving them a chew.

If they are getting anxious or upset it is very important not to get angry with them, but rather to just ignore their behaviour. Unfortunately getting cross or giving them lots of extra attention confirms to them that there is something to fear.

If your pet is still anxious your vet will be able to help. We are reluctant to give out sedatives nowadays as these can make the pet worse in the long term as they are too groggy to hide. We now use medicines and pheromones designed to reduce anxiety.

If we help our pets in this way we can enjoy bonfire night as well knowing they are fine.

Jim Morris, Principal Vet and owner, Haven Veterinary Group.

Hull Vet Group offers tips for Bonfire Night

645x300_3 (1)

The staff at one of Hull’s leading Veterinary Practices are dispensing advice to help clients manage their pets’ anxieties as Halloween and bonfire night draw closer.

Staff at Haven Veterinary Group in Ketwell Lane, Hedon and Holderness Road, Hull are offering a combination of simple tactics and prescription drugs to help reduce pets’ stress levels.

Practice owner and principal veterinary surgeon Jim Morris said; “Often, simple things like leaving the television on for background noise and shutting the curtains so that pets can’t see the fireworks will help, but in severe cases, we can recommend pheromone diffusers, de-stressing CDs and prescription medication to relieve anxiety.”

Pet owners are invited to visit either practice to discuss the best way to manage their pet’s firework related stresses.

Staff are also asking people to check for hibernating hedgehogs before they light their bonfire.


Hedon Vet turns to toys to give tortoise a new lease of life

Vet Kim Barrow examines Harry the TortoiseA Holderness tortoise has been given a new lease of life inspired by the classic children’s construction toy, Meccano.

When Harry the Horsefield tortoise presented at Haven Veterinary Group’s Hedon practice with a swollen leg that refused to heal, vet Kim Barrow was forced to think of a way to keep the weight off 11 year old Harry’s legs.

Dr Barrow explained what happened next: “Harry had injured one of his back legs and was overworking the other one in an attempt to stay mobile. This resulted in swelling that would keep recurring unless we could think of a way to keep the weight off his legs.”

Kim recalled a procedure that she had seen in another practice and, unable to find an off the shelf solution, made a set of wheels from a stainless steel pin and Meccano wheels that she fixed to Harry’s undercarriage using hoof glue.

“The swelling reduced almost immediately and, although Harry managed to pull the first set of wheels off and needed some all-terrain tyres to stop him slipping, we’re delighted to report that he’s making excellent progress.”

Harry’s owner, Mike Davis from Patrington is delighted with Harry’s progress: “Kim specialises in exotic animals and treats all of our tortoises. This is an ingenious solution and has given Harry a new lease of life and means that he can still rule the roost, even as the smallest tortoise in the family!”

Horsefield tortoises originate from Central Asia and are a relatively small species with males reaching only about 16cm in length when fully grown aged around 15.