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Violet the Weimaraner joins veterinary nurses to help rescue puppies

How about this for a good news story?


When the RSPCA Hull and East Riding Branch put out an appeal for people to hand rear eight puppies, kind hearted nurses at Haven Veterinary Group were the first to step forward.

Haven’s Practice Manager, Mandy Dobbs saw the appeal and enlisted her colleague, senior veterinary nurse Hayley Bateman to help hand rear the pups.

Hayley takes up the story: “The eight pups had been delivered by caesarean section at another veterinary practice. Unfortunately, their mum was too emaciated to nurse them, so the RSPCA put out an appeal to find people to hand rear them.

“Mandy asked me if I’d be able to help and suggested that we took four puppies each. As soon as I took them home, my home bred Weimaraner, Violet, whose own litter had been weaned eight months ago, was immediately drawn to the puppies.

“In between the three hourly feeds that I gave the puppies, Violet would groom them and within two weeks, her milk started to come back in and she was able to feed the puppies herself. Although I continued to supplement Violet’s milk with hand feeding, it soon became clear that she had full milk and was able to look after the pups herself.”

Sadly, four of the eight puppies were not strong enough to survive, but Violet’s surrogate litter of one dog and three bitches are now ready to be rehomed.

Hayley concludes: “We’re delighted to have found local homes for two of the puppies, Seth and Kaia with the Homan and Goucher families respectively. Although this story has a happy ending, as the festive season approaches, it does serve as a timely reminder that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas.”

We’re delighted to be hopping to it for Rabbit Awareness Week


Rabbits in the Hull and Hedon areas will enjoy a week in the spotlight as staff at an East Yorkshire veterinary group prepare for the tenth anniversary of the national event, Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW).

Haven Vet Group is getting into the spirit of the awareness week, a campaign to promote rabbit welfare, which takes place from June 18 to 26.

Small animal vet Kimberley Barrow and registered veterinary nurse Andrea Pugh are working together to lead the events which will be taking place at the practice during this week.

Rabbit owners can now book their pets in for a free bunny MOT and complimentary claw clip from June 18 to 26. This includes a nose to tail examination to check the rabbit’s health and wellbeing, and visitors can also get advice on diet, neutering, vaccination, parasite treatments, behaviour and weight.

Both the Holderness Road, Hull and Ketwell Lane, Hedon practices are also offering a 10 per cent discount for owners who’d like to book their rabbits in for a vaccination or neutering during the month of June.

Andrea said: “Sadly, rabbits can be overlooked as pets. Most dog and cat owners would notice straight away if their pet was not eating or unwell, but rabbits sometimes do not receive the care they need.

“Generally, we tend to see a lot of dental issues, such as overgrown teeth. Rabbits also need to be let out of their hutches to get exercise – in the wild, they are free to run around in areas equivalent to three football pitches, so this is really important. They are complex animals, perhaps more complex than people realise, and seriously need looking after.”

Cage hygiene is also something Andrea is keen to make rabbit owners aware of.

“Rabbits are susceptible to fly strike which occurs when the rabbit is not kept adequately clean at the rear. This attracts flies that can get in and when the maggots hatch, they eat the flesh. We have seen some shocking cases of this.”

She has compiled a fact sheet to hand out to all owners who make appointments for a rabbit examination at either of the practices.

According to the RAW website, rabbits are the fourth most popular pet in the UK with 8,000 rabbits being kept as pets.

This year’s campaign is focusing on companionship for rabbits, with the hashtag #BuddiesforBunnies taking a focus.

“Companionship for rabbits is a good thing, but owners need to know how to introduce a new rabbit in the best way possible, and this is also something we can advise on,” Andrea adds.

For more details and to book your free bunny MOT and complimentary claw clip, vaccination and neutering, call the Holderness Road practice on 01482 376477 and the Hedon practice on 01482 898301.

We’re delighted to welcome new RVN, Andrea Pugh to our practice

Andrea Pugh RVN rWe’re pleased to announce that Mrs Andrea Pugh has joined the team at Haven Veterinary Group as a full-time RVN and clinical coach to the trainee veterinary nurses and will work out of both the Hull and Hedon practices.

Mrs Pugh started her career as a receptionist at a veterinary practice in Bridlington before beginning her veterinary nursing training in 2013 at The College of Animal Welfare in Tingley near Leeds.

After completing the two-year course and qualifying as a registered veterinary nurse, Mrs Pugh continued to work in Bridlington where she still lives.

At Haven Veterinary Group she said she wants to make more people aware of the services veterinary nurses offer.

“I’m delighted to join the team at Haven.  It’s been a while since we have had a practising RVN at the Holderness Road branch, and we’d like to remind people that I am here for them to chat with should they have any issues with their pets. The RVN role is similar to that of a Nurse Practitioner at a Doctor’s surgery and I can make referrals to the vet where necessary.”

Mrs Pugh also offers weight management and adolescent clinics for puppies and kittens, senior clinics, second vaccinations, nail clippings and anal gland expressions, among other services.

She is one of the practice’s two clinical coaches for any students training to be a RVN.

Haven Vet Group owner and principal vet Jim Morris said: “Andrea is an excellent addition to the team at both practices.

“We have recently invested significantly in our Holderness Road practice, and we’re keen to continue to offer much-needed extended services like weight management clinics and excellent levels of care for all our patients.”

Hull Veterinary Group offers help for new puppy owners

Vespa 2The practicalities of caring for a new puppy is something pet owners owners might not think about straight away, so Haven Veterinary Group is issuing information for those who have made a furry addition to the household since Christmas, as well as those contemplating getting a puppy.

The group’s advice comes ahead of new legislation which requires dog owners in England to microchip and register their dog. The new laws will come into force from April 6.

Jim Morris, Haven Veterinary Group owner and Principal Vet, said: “We want to help new pet owners give their animals a healthy start to life.

“While puppies are a joy to have around, they also require a great deal of commitment, hard work and effort to care for. We would like people to know that they can contact either of our branches at Hedon or Hull for help and guidance regarding their new pets.”

The team at Haven Veterinary Group have put together seven top tips for new dog owners:

1. Make an appointment for a check-up with the vet as soon as you have your puppy. During this visit, the vet will check the overall health of your puppy and be able to advise you on vaccinations, worming and health issues.

2. Ensure you microchip and register your dog – and make sure you keep the details up to date. Haven Veterinary Group offers microchipping services at both practices. From April 6 this year, microchipping will be a legal requirement.

3. Put thought into the environment you create for your dog. Puppies need a draught-free, warm, quiet and clean place to sleep. You will have to teach them where to eat and train them where to go to the toilet.

4. Strongly consider neutering your dog. This will help reduce the number of unwanted pets, prevent diseases and some unwanted behaviours.

5. Always use a food suitable for your puppy’s breed and size, and make sure clean, fresh drinking water is available. You can ask your vet for advice on what, and how much, to feed your puppy.

6. Your puppy will want something to chew on so try a nylon bone, rawhide chews or large hard biscuits.

7. Take the time to gently expose your puppy to as many experiences as possible. Meeting other puppies and dogs (only when protected by vaccinations), new people, sights and sounds will help your puppy to be well-socialised and well-behaved.

For puppy, and kitten, owners who register their pet with them, Haven Veterinary Group, are offering a free pack including a voucher for a free routine health check with a nurse that includes a free flea and worm treatment, a slip lead or a soft toy, a beginner’s guide to owning a puppy or a kitten, information on health plans and pet insurance, and a Haven fridge magnet with the practices’ contact details.

Please take extra special care of your pets this week

JimNovember 5th is one of my favourite nights of the year. I like nothing better than standing by a roaring bonfire with a large piece of parkin in my hand watching the rockets explode overhead.

I know that the night is a celebration, but imagine how it must feel if you don’t know this. Suddenly the sky is filled with strange lights and loud noises it must be very confusing.

This is how our pets must feel at this time of year and for many of them these strange lights and loud noises are terrifying.

It is therefore up to us as their carers to do all we can to overcome their anxiety.

They will feel safer at home when the fireworks start so it is best to walk dogs in the daytime and to make sure your cat is in and the cat flap locked. Pets have far more sensitive hearing than we do so make sure windows are shut and curtains drawn to muffle the sounds from outside and keep out any flashes. It also helps to have the television or some music on in the background as again this will help drown out noise from outside.

It is also a good idea to make your pet a den were they can hide. Do this before the fireworks season starts it should be somewhere in the house they like to hide such as behind the sofa. They should have free access and be able to settle down comfortably. Cats often like their den to be raised off the ground. Placing old blankets, clothing or toys in the den will reassure them.

When the fireworks are on your pet can be distracted by playing with them or by giving them a chew.

If they are getting anxious or upset it is very important not to get angry with them, but rather to just ignore their behaviour. Unfortunately getting cross or giving them lots of extra attention confirms to them that there is something to fear.

If your pet is still anxious your vet will be able to help. We are reluctant to give out sedatives nowadays as these can make the pet worse in the long term as they are too groggy to hide. We now use medicines and pheromones designed to reduce anxiety.

If we help our pets in this way we can enjoy bonfire night as well knowing they are fine.

Jim Morris, Principal Vet and owner, Haven Veterinary Group.

Hull Vet Group offers tips for Bonfire Night

645x300_3 (1)

The staff at one of Hull’s leading Veterinary Practices are dispensing advice to help clients manage their pets’ anxieties as Halloween and bonfire night draw closer.

Staff at Haven Veterinary Group in Ketwell Lane, Hedon and Holderness Road, Hull are offering a combination of simple tactics and prescription drugs to help reduce pets’ stress levels.

Practice owner and principal veterinary surgeon Jim Morris said; “Often, simple things like leaving the television on for background noise and shutting the curtains so that pets can’t see the fireworks will help, but in severe cases, we can recommend pheromone diffusers, de-stressing CDs and prescription medication to relieve anxiety.”

Pet owners are invited to visit either practice to discuss the best way to manage their pet’s firework related stresses.

Staff are also asking people to check for hibernating hedgehogs before they light their bonfire.


We’re proud of our Macmillan coffee morning fundraising efforts

Staff and volunteers Macmillan Sept 2015We’re pleased to report that we raised £400 during their Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning fundraiser recently.

Haven Veterinary Group staff set out their stall outside the Post Office in Hedon and sold cakes that had been made by staff and supporters of the Vet’s Hull and Hedon practices.

Jim Morris, Haven’s owner and principal vet, whose wife was among the team that manned the stand, said: “This is the third year that we have raised money for Macmillan and I’m very proud of the team’s baking prowess and fund raising abilities. Over the last two years, we have raised £4,000 for local charities like Carr House Rescue Centre, Bransby Horse Rescue and Dove House and national charities like the British Heart Foundation and Macmillan.

“Thank you to everyone who supported us, baked and bought our cakes and we hope to do as well in our charity fund-raising next year.”

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan’s biggest charity fundraising event. Last year, the same event raised £25 million for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Haven Veterinary Group has been treating and caring for small and large animals for over a century and its Holderness Road practice is one of only a few nurse training centres in East Yorkshire.


Hull Veterinary group dispenses holiday advice

As temperatures rise in Hull and East Yorkshire, a local veterinary group is urging people to consider the impact of sunshine and summer holidays on their pets.

Vets and nursing staff at Haven Veterinary Group in Hedon and Hull are reminding clients about the importance of protecting pets against ticks and fleas and the necessity to vaccinate well before pets go to kennels and catteries.

Principal vet Jim Morris is based at the group’s rural practice in Hedon and warns; “The incidence of fleas has increased during the current warm spell and we must also be vigilant about ticks, especially with dogs that enjoy country walks.  As well as causing severe skin irritation, fleas play a vital part in the tapeworm’s life cycle, so early intervention is vital.”

Jim also urges people to plan ahead when thinking of pre-holiday vaccinations for their pets in the same way that they do for themselves; “Cats and dogs that are going into kennels need to be vaccinated against all the core diseases plus kennel cough and vaccines must be given at least two weeks before you are due to leave your pet.  Kennel cough is not normally one of the core vaccines that vets offer, so you will have to ask for it specifically.”

Staff are encouraging pet owners to safeguard against fleas for the whole of the summer and are also reiterating the need to treat not only the pet but areas of the house where eggs and larvae may live.  “Particular attention should be given to carpets and rugs where the pet spends most time and warm areas near radiators” advises Jim.

Call 01482 898301 or visit Haven Veterinary Group at 34 Ketwell Lane, Hedon or 684 Holderness Road, Hull for more information about vaccinating your pet and flea prevention and treatment.

Crazy Critters on a Collision Course on Chamberlain Road

Dove House 260715 Haven Team TrafficIt seems the traffic situation in Hull is getting even crazier. Meet some of the Crazy Critters team from Haven Veterinary Practice who took part in the International It’s a Knockout competition on Saturday 25th July. The event was held at Chamberlain Road in Hull in aid of Dove House Hospice and just like all the other teams taking part the Haven entrants, comprised of ten staff from their Hedon and Hull practices, committed to raising a minimum donation of £500.

“I am delighted,” says the Critters’ team leader Vet Mandy Dobbs, “ to report that we actually exceeded our target and raised £600 for this vitally important charity. To be honest we didn’t turn out to be champions of the day. We came 6th out of 9 teams, but we had so much fun we can’t wait to make this an annual event for our staff.”

The organisers, Graham Fisher, promised both the supporters and public spectators a fun filled experience with “water, foam, inflatable’s and a few tactical challenges on the road to glory.”

The Crazy Critter team members pictured here on course for hilarious collision are, left to right, Phil Van der Reit, Antony Bada, Laura Clubley, Karen Higgins & Kharis Collinson

Stray rehomed after vet operates free of charge

Ruffles with Head Vet Antony Bada and Vet Kim BarrowA stray puppy that required major orthopaedic surgery has been rehomed.

Haven Veterinary Group waived their fees to treat the stray after the 18 month old dog was picked up by Hull City Council’s Dog Warden in the Orchard Park area. The dog, a Jack Russell type puppy that Haven staff named Ruffles, was taken to Holderness Road surgery by staff at Carr House Rescue Centre, from where she was rehomed.

Of the Femoral Head Excision procedure, Haven Veterinary Group owner and principal vet, Jim Morris said: “We had no alternative to surgery in order to free the dog from pain. We were pleased with the surgery and are delighted that he has a new home and is recovering well.”

Norma Anderson from Carr House Rescue Centre said: “Thanks to the generosity of the team at Haven, Ruffles is doing well. He was rehomed by Sue Grantham who lives in Withernsea and it is hoped that walks on the beach will help his leg become stronger.”

Senior Practice Administrator, Evie Beattie said: “We work closely with Carr House Rescue Centre and we couldn’t let the puppy suffer.”