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Hull Veterinary group warns of Myxomatosis danger

A local veterinary group is urging rabbit owners to ensure their pets are vaccinated against the deadly Myxomatosis virus.

Haven Veterinary Group, which has practices in Hull and Hedon, is actively encouraging owners to take advantage of their vaccination offer to protect their pet rabbits against contracting the disease, which is almost always fatal.

Jim Morris, principal vet and owner of the Haven Veterinary Group, said:

“Myxomatosis is a severe viral disease of rabbits that decimated the wild rabbit population when it arrived in Britain 50 years ago.  Domestic rabbits are also susceptible to the disease and deaths in pets are increasing every year.  The disease is most commonly spread by blood-sucking insects such as fleas and mosquitoes but it can also spread between rabbits in close contact with each other.


Mr Morris added: “In recent weeks we have seen a considerable increase in the number of rabbits infected with Myxomatosis.

“We believe that due to the mild autumn we have had, fleas and mosquitoes are still about so the disease is more prevalent than normal. Unfortunately, domestic rabbits do not have any genetically based immunity against myxomatosis

“The good news is that we provide a yearly vaccination which protects pet rabbits against the virus and it also includes protection against viral haemorrhagic disease.”

Haven Veterinary Group is offering the vaccination for £25.99.

To book a vaccination appointment call the Hedon practice on 01482 898301 or the Hull practice on 01482 376477.

For other queries regarding Myxomatosis or any other areas of pet health and well being, please contact either practice.

Hull Veterinary group dispenses holiday advice

As temperatures rise in Hull and East Yorkshire, a local veterinary group is urging people to consider the impact of sunshine and summer holidays on their pets.

Vets and nursing staff at Haven Veterinary Group in Hedon and Hull are reminding clients about the importance of protecting pets against ticks and fleas and the necessity to vaccinate well before pets go to kennels and catteries. 

Principal vet Jim Morris is based at the group’s rural practice in Hedon and warns; “The incidence of fleas has increased during the current warm spell and we must also be vigilant about ticks, especially with dogs that enjoy country walks.  As well as causing severe skin irritation, fleas play a vital part in the tapeworm’s life cycle, so early intervention is vital.”

Jim also urges people to plan ahead when thinking of pre-holiday vaccinations for their pets in the same way that they do for themselves; “Cats and dogs that are going into kennels need to be vaccinated against all the core diseases plus kennel cough and vaccines must be given at least two weeks before you are due to leave your pet.  Kennel cough is not normally one of the core vaccines that vets offer, so you will have to ask for it specifically.”

Staff are encouraging pet owners to safeguard against fleas for the whole of the summer and are also reiterating the need to treat not only the pet but areas of the house where eggs and larvae may live.  “Particular attention should be given to carpets and rugs where the pet spends most time and warm areas near radiators” advises Jim.

Call 01482 898301 or visit Haven Veterinary Group at 34 Ketwell Lane, Hedon or 684 Holderness Road, Hull for more information about vaccinating your pet and flea prevention and treatment.

Haven Veterinary Group has been treating and caring for small and large animals for over a century and its Holderness Road practice is one of only a few nurse training centres in East Yorkshire.

Holderness Vet Group supports local boys’ football team

Hedon Rangers Pythons U9s with Evie Beattie and Jon StoreyHolderness Veterinary Surgeons, Haven Veterinary Group, has helped a fledgling football team to join the Hull Boys Sunday Football League by providing them with their playing kit.


Managed by former Hedon Rangers senior player, Jon Storey, Hedon Rangers Pythons is a new team that was formed when the original Hedon Rangers Under 9’s team became oversubscribed.


Entering the league in Phase 2 that began in February, the team, based at Saltend, is happy to be playing regular football and is already showing signs of great improvement.


Commenting on the kit sponsorship, Jon Storey said: “They’re a great group of committed footballers and we’re very grateful to both Haven Veterinary Group and Riverside Property for their generous sponsorship.”


Watching the game against Hessle Rangers from the sideline, Evie Beattie from Haven Veterinary Group said: “We’re proud to able to support youngsters playing sport in the community. They’re obviously really loving their football and it’s a joy to watch.”


Haven Veterinary Group has been treating and caring for small and large animals for over a century and its Holderness Road practice is one of only a few nurse training centres in East Yorkshire.

Chocolate is not for Dogs!

dog and chocolateBelieve it or not, chocolate is poisonous to dogs.  It is also toxic to cats although they are less likely to eat it.  Whilst it is rarely fatal, chocolate ingestion can result in significant illness which can take just hours to develop and could last for days. Clinical signs include vomiting and diarrhoea, increased thirst, panting or restlessness.  Your pet could also have a racing heart rate, muscle spasms and, in extreme cases, seizures.  The severity of poisoning depends on the type and amount of chocolate ingested.  The darker and more bitter the chocolate, the more dangerous it is to your pet.

If your pet does ingest chocolate it is important that you contact your vet immediately.  The sooner treatment is started the easier and less invasive it is.  Vomiting may be induced but this is only effective up to 40 minutes after ingestion.  If a longer time period has lapsed, aggressive i/v fluids and monitoring may be required.

You can give your pet other treats this Christmas such as rice bones or chew sticks and keep the chocolates out of reach.

Hull Vet Group offers tips for Bonfire Night

fireworksThe staff at one of Hull’s leading Veterinary Practices are dispensing advice to help clients manage their pets’ anxieties as bonfire night approaches.

Staff at Haven Veterinary Group in Ketwell Lane, Hedon and Holderness Road, Hull are offering a combination of simple tactics and prescription drugs to help reduce stress levels for pets.

Practice owner and principal veterinary surgeon Jim Morris said; “Often, simple things like leaving the television on for background noise and shutting the curtains so that pets can’t see the fireworks will help, but in severe cases, we can recommend pheromone diffusers, destressing CDs and prescription drugs to relieve anxiety.”

Pet owners are invited to visit either practice to discuss the best way to manage their pet’s firework related stresses.

Haven Veterinary Group was founded almost a century ago when commercial fireworks were not widely available. Its two practices specialise in the treatment and care of small and large animals and its Holderness Road practice is also one of only a few nurse training centres in East Yorkshire.