Farm Animal Care

Farm Animal CareThe Haven Veterinary Group has been a large animal practice for the best part of one hundred years. Operating from Hedon, we not only serve the farming community of South Holderness but also the national pig farming industry.


We have remained such, even though agriculture has changed dramatically in that time. Now we are a predominantly a specialist pig practice.


This does not mean, however, that we are just a pig practice! The four vets based at Hedon have over sixty years experience in treating farm animals and advising on husbandry and welfare issues. As a large animal practice we realise that vets help the modern farm business and not just the animals.Haven Veterinary Group HedonNowadays, there are also growing numbers of smallholders and small or hobby farmers, and we can offer them a friendly service with plenty of advice.

We are able to treat all types of large animals from the traditional Pigs, Cattle, Sheep and Horses to the rarer alpacas and goats. We also treat poultry.

Our large animal team is also licensed by DEFRA to certify farm animals, semen and animal food for export.