Haven Veterinary Group and Export Certification 

Here at Haven, a key and rapidly growing part of the business is our ability to certify the exportation of animal and food products from the United Kingdom to many countries overseas. Some of the countries we have covered are Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Africa/South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, China and Morocco. 

We are approved by DEFRA/AHVLA as a Panel 1L and 1M “official Veterinarian” and we have over 20 years experience in the export of various products including: 

  • Food supplements e.g. Proteins from dairy/egg products 

  • Ambient and Sauce products e.g baby foods, custard, curry sauces 

In fact anything that could contain dairy products or derivatives. 

The Panel 1L certification covers us for the export of animal products such as hide/skin and materials such as straw and this certification also includes milk, cheese, cream and scientific products such as antibodies. 

The Panel 1M certification covers us for the export of fish and fish products also. 

We can also cover the export of live animals including pets and horses. We can liaise for clients with Government Agencies with regards to their export requirements. 

We have a fully competent team who are able to cover on a regular basis and we normally work no more than 3 hours drive from Hull but are happy to discuss working anywhere within the UK. We are happy to attend to ensure goods are safely loaded and compliant and assist in anyway we can to make the whole process run smoothly for you. 

If you would like any help or advice on the export of a particular product or help liaising with DEFRA/AHVLA or even help with completing the required application paperwork, certificates and how to comply with the required documentation, then please call Haven on 01482 898301 and we will be happy to assist. 

 You can also see more information regarding Haven Veterinary Group and the services we offer on our official website havenvetgroup.co.uk Why not check out our Facebook page too? Haven Veterinary GROUP. 

You may also find this link helpful: www.defra.gov.uk

*Please ensure that you read any disclaimers that may be applicable to your export needs*