Other Farm Animals

 cows and sheep

Cattle and Sheep



Our vets in the Hedon practice have over seventy years experience of being part of the farm team. As well as providing 24 hour emergency cover and treating any sick individuals, we offer a full herd/flock advisory health and welfare service.

This includes advice on general and specific herd/flock health such as dealing with disease outbreaks, disease prevention (including vaccination) housing, husbandry and bio-security. Our in-house laboratory can also aid with rapid diagnostics.

Fertility, production and welfare are other related areas where we can offer our expertise to help maximise benefits for you.

“Our range of experiences allows us to tailor our service to your individual farm, be it a large commercial enterprise or a small-holding”


Other Farm Animals

Over the years we have had much experience with Goats, Camelids, Poultry, Game birds and even farmed Rabbits. This allows us to provide you with a full service whether you keep these animals for production or as pets.

phesant chicks

Pet Pigs

pet pigs


As a specialist pig practice we are able to treat and advise on the keeping of pet pigs.



Please note: 24 hour cover

Unfortunately, due to the nature of 24-hour cover, we cannot offer this outside the Hull and Holderness area unless by prior arrangement.  We can provide services to registered farm clients in the rest of East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, and nationally for pig clients.

injured horse