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The farm animal department of the Haven Veterinary Group has grown up in an area of high pig density and over the years has attracted veterinary surgeons interested in that field who developed considerable expertise to pass onto our clients. Today it is headed up by Jim Morris who has over twenty years experience in the field, ably assisted by Idonea Pickering, Daniel Dzunda and Pippa Kaplowitch.  In addition the practice can draw on the experience of Mark White – one of the very few holders of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Diploma in Pig Medicine and a registered Specialist in Pig Medicine.

In addition to working locally, specialist pig work is undertaken throughout the country and overseas, providing advice to both private and corporate clients which have included pig breeding companies, pharmaceutical companies and the feedstuffs industry.

All of our farm vets, who in addition to their other responsibilities within the farm department, are heavily involved in health monitoring programmes for the pig industry in the UK.

Our pig veterinary team is also licensed by DEFRA to certify exports of live pigs, pig semen and pig food.

We are always willing and happy  to take on new pig clients on reasonable terms.