Hull Veterinary Group launches affordable equine healthcare plan

Holderness Point to Point








As the Holderness Point to Point prepares to welcome riders to the picturesque Dalton Park near Beverley on 15th March, a Hull and Holderness Veterinary Group has launched an Equine Pet Plan to help spread the cost of looking after your horse.

Haven Veterinary Group has run a popular Pet Health Plan for several years and has added an Equine Health Plan in response to customer demand for a way of providing affordable, preventative equine care.

Of the new plan, practice owner and principal veterinary surgeon, Jim Morris said:  “It is estimated that there are just under a million horses in the UK and the upkeep of these is over £3,000 per horse.  The Equine Health Plan includes an annual flu and tetanus vaccination, regular monitoring for round worms, an annual tapeworm treatment and discounts on long term medication and on some other procedures carried out by Haven.

“It is not horse insurance but helps pay for regular preventative treatment that insurance doesn’t cover”.

The price is £10.31per month for a pony/riding horse and £12.11 per month for a large horse.  More details are available from the Hedon practice by calling 01482 898301 or Holderness Road on 01482 376477.


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