It’s a Knockout! – (Just Giving Link)

It's a Knockout

Do you remember the TV series “It’s a Knockout”? Various teams taking part in competitive games with lots of mess, crazy challenges and slapstick style humour?

On the 25th July 2015, Dove House Hospice at Chamberlain Road in Hull are hosting an “It’s a Knockout” day and here at Haven Veterinary Group Ltd we have entered our own team. The “Crazy Critters” Captained by Amanda Dobbs consists of 10 of our fittest (?) fastest (?) and probably slightly bonkers staff all competing to try and raise funds for Dove House.

Both branches of Haven have collection boxes and team sponsor forms, We have an official “Just Giving” page so you can donate online and even anonymously if you wish.

We even welcome any small change you might have and we would love to be able to reach our target of £500 for this very worthy charity, so please help if you can.

The event begins at 10am and we would love to see you there, bring the family, the more cheering for the team the better. Repeat after 3 “Give me an H, give me an A………

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