Jordan Sinclair – 3 Months at Haven Vet Group

Hello, I’m Jordan – one of the new(ish) vets at Haven. I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2017 and joined the Haven team in March after spending 6 months in mixed practice on my home turf in Leicestershire. Throughout university, I had the opportunity to spend some time abroad gaining experience in various disciplines of veterinary, including wildlife medicine in South Africa, a charity neutering clinic for street dogs in India and, most recently, I spent a month in Morocco at an equine hospital caring for the working donkeys, mules and horses of Fez.



My family has a small farm in Leicester, which is home to a variety of animals with the most recent addition being a cheeky Shetland foal. Before university I was a keen showjumper and continued the competitive streak through my studies as part of the university riding teams. Now I ride when I can and also enjoy cycling, having recently started a velodrome accreditation course.


I’m particularly interested in internal medicine but am keen to get involved in all aspects of small animal and equine practice. Since I began working at Haven, I feel very much welcomed into the team. Every vet is friendly, approachable and keen to teach. I never have to worry about not being able to get help if I’m stuck and all of the vets are happy to support me through the challenges of being a recently graduated vet. This has made it a great environment to learn in and gain confidence in myself after having a bit of a rough start to my career as a vet. I’m so thankful to my colleagues for that and am excited to continue working at Haven and seeing more of beautiful Yorkshire.



Haven Vet Group can now test your pets eye pressure

Did you know, that at Haven Vets we can now measure your pet’s eye pressure quickly with a patient- friendly tonometer?

Why check your pet’s eye pressure?


Most eye diseases cause redness of the eye. Fast, discrete measurement supplies important information; we can distinguish between harmless and serious eye problems, such as glaucoma



Why is it important to spot signs of glaucoma early?

Glaucoma not only causes blindness, but can also lead to irreversible eye damage and severe pain. Early treatment is absolutely essential to avoid permanent damage!

Is my pet at risk?

Here is a list of dog breeds predisposed to glaucoma:

Afghan Border Collie Cocker Spaniel Great Dane Newfoundland Samoyed
 Akita Boston Terrier Dachshund Greyhound Norfolk Terrier Schnauzer (all varieties)
Alaskan Malamute Bouvier des Flanders Dalmatian Irish Setter Norwegian Elkhound Scottish Terrier
American Eskimo Dog Brittany Brittany Dandie Dinmont Terrier Italian Greyhound Norwich Terrier Sealyham Terrier
Australian Cattle Dog Bullmastiff English Cocker Spaniel Keeshond Pekingese Shar Pei
Basset Hound Cairn Terrier English Springer Spaniel Labrador Retriever Pembroke  Welsh Corgi Shiba Inu
Beagle Cardigan Entlebucher Mountain Dog Lakeland Terrier Petit Basset  Griffon Vendéen Shih Tzu
Bedlington Terrier Welsh Corgi Flat-coated Retriever Maltese Poodle (all varieties) Siberian Husky
Bichon Frise Chihuahua Fox Terrier (all varieties) Manchester Terrier Pug Skye Terrier
Blue Healer Chow Chow Golden Retriever Miniature Pinscher Saluki Tibetan Terrier
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Welsh Terrier
West Highland Terrier

So if your pet is one of the breeds at risk of developing glaucoma, why not pay us a visit and ask about pet friendly eye pressure check.

If you notice red, bloodshot eye; sudden cloudiness; pain; or a swollen, bulging eye, then please contact us immediately. Any delay could result in the animal becoming blind.

Written by Antony Bada MRCVS





Summer Newsletter 2018

Three Peaks Challenge for Nice 2b Nice

We have a team from Haven Veterinary Group taking on a challenge with the help of some friends in order to raise money for our local charity Nice 2b Nice

About the charity – “creating awareness whilst supporting those in need of specialist equipment and support and making a few smiles with our surprise days.”

Lewis is a therapy labrador in training who visits those in need to offer comfort and affection. This is an excellent service and is therefore Haven Veterinary Group’s nominated charity for the year

Our challenge – The National Three Peaks Challenge!

We aim to complete all 3 of the highest mountains in the UK within 24 hours.

BEN NEVIS – Scotland · SCAFELL PIKE– England · SNOWDON – Wales

JULY 12th 5pm Challenge begins!

The clock starts, and we begin the climb of Ben Nevis.

10pm – Complete Ben Nevis, begin six hour drive to Scafell Pike

4am – Arrive at Scafell Pike and begin ascent

Climbing from either Wasdale Head, or from Seathwaite.

8am – Complete Scafell Pike, begin five hour drive to Snowdon

1pm – Arrive at Snowdon and begin ascent


Complete the Three Peaks Challenge!

Training has begun for the national 3 peak challenge! Starting with a snowy walk up Pen Y Ghent with Pippa Kaplowitch and Emma Wyndham at the start of February and then a lengthy 18k walk around Huggate with Joanna Rawson.

Spring Newsletter 2018

We’re delighted to be supporting Lewis, the Nice 2b Nice charity’s lovely Support Dog


L to R Kerrie Morley Hayley Bateman Lisa Dibnah and Pippa Kaplowitch with Lewis the Support Dog

We celebrated our sponsorship of Lewis, the Support Dog from Hull charity Nice 2b Nice, by welcoming the eight month old Labrador, and owner David Freer, to our Hedon practice on last week.

Nice 2b Nice supports disadvantaged children under the age of 16 living in the Hull and East-Riding area and will use therapy dog, Lewis to bring comfort to sick children and those with learning disabilities once he has completed his training in March.

We will be sponsoring Lewis’ routine medical care during the year and our fundraising team hopes to raise a significant amount through a series of fundraising activities, including vet Pippa Kaplowitch and nurse Emma Wyndham who will complete the national Three Peaks Challenge for the charity.

Lisa Dibnah, from our accounts department is a member of the charity committee who heard of a local charity that was starting a new venture with a therapy dog.

Lisa said: “I found out about Nice 2b Nice through a friend whose son had attended a ‘surprise day’ at his primary school and it was clear that this charity is making a big impression on people’s lives.

“In the past, we have held numerous fundraising events throughout the year for different charities, but this year, we all agreed that we could make a bigger impact by supporting a single local charity that really makes a difference in the community.

“It’s great to support Nice 2b Nice as it is a charity that is just beginning to take therapy dogs into hospitals, hospices, schools, and other places dogs are not usually allowed, in order to cheer people up.

Lisa concluded: “We hope that it’s a cause that many of our clients will be keen to get involved with too, as animal lovers.”

David Freer established Nice 2b Nice in 2014 after campaigning to raise funds to replace a boy’s stolen wheelchair.

The charity helps to provide financial support, organise surprise days, operates a respite centre and care home and offers a therapy dog service.

David said: “We’re delighted that Haven has chosen to support us and Lewis.

“Dogs like Lewis spread a lot of happiness and provide a mental lift for those who are hospitalised or receiving medical treatment at home,” he added.

“During his training, Lewis has had a great effect on the children we support and, once he’s fully trained, we’d like to help many more children.”

To find out more about supporting Nice 2b Nice or booking a visit from Lewis see or email

Congratulations, Carol on your 40th anniversary with Haven Veterinary Group

We were delighted to mark a special staff anniversary with a surprise lunch recently.

Carol Burnham, pictured left above, head receptionist of the small animal department at our Hedon practice, celebrated 40 years of service with 15 colleagues as we toasted her anniversary over lunch.

Her husband Richard and retired colleagues also made an appearance for the occasion when she was presented with a watch and a bouquet of flowers by our owner and principal vet, Jim Morris.

Carol, of Burstwick, joined the practice initially working in the large animal side of the business before moving over to the small animal department.

 Jim paid tribute to her commitment to the practice: “We’re very pleased to mark Carol’s 40 years of service here at Haven and we’d all like to wholeheartedly thank her for her loyal service.

“She is one of the first people our patients and owners see when they visit the practice and her willingness to help is exemplary.”

Lisa Dibnah, who works in the finance department, said: “It was lovely to surprise Carol with a special lunch, and reminisce about the funny things that had happened over the years.”

Carol said it was wonderful to mark the milestone with her colleagues and friends.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their support over the years – the practice has really grown from the early days when the large animal department was in a Portakabin.”

Pictured left to right is Carol with colleagues Sandra, Karen and Judy.

Generation Pup

Generation Pup is the first study to follow dogs of all breeds from puppy-hood as they grow up into adults. They are asking owners of all UK puppies of 16 weeks of age or less, of any breed or cross breed, to sign up and become part of the Generation Pup community.  So Haven Veterinary Group have decided to get on board and help to recruit puppy owners.

By collecting information about each puppy – their environment, family, health, behaviour and experiences – we can build up a picture of a whole generation of dogs across the UK. This means that researchers in the Generation Pup team can investigate whether aspects such as environment, social interaction, diet, exercise or daily routine may be important in the development of a range of health and behaviour conditions which impact on the well-being of our dogs.

Autumn Newsletter 2017

Autumn Newsletter 17

Willow the Red Necked Wallaby Joey

Here at Haven Veterinary Group we have some nice news to share –
We would like to introduce you to ‘Willow’ the Red Necked Wallaby joey.

Willow was brought to us in late May after being rejected by her mother. We ascertained that she was approximately 6 months old by looking at her dental development which meant she should actually still be getting all her care and food by way of milk within her mothers pouch for another 4 months or so.

Therefore a surrogate mother was needed. Hayley (our senior nurse) stepped in and has become Willows ‘mum’.  A man-made pouch was constructed, incorporating a heat pad and the process of 4 hourly feeds round the clock commenced. Willow quickly got used to living in her pouch at the end of the bed at Hayley’s house (Mick her husband is very understanding!) and spending her days whilst Hayley was at work hanging in her pouch in Jim’s (our principles office who is also very accommodating!) 

Willow is doing really well and is now approximately 8 1/2 months old and going from strength to strength. She now only requires bottle feeding morning and night and is eating solid food, grasses and greens and has trebled in weight.

As wallabies are mainly nocturnal she now spends her days at Hayleys home snoozing in her pouch during the day and bounding around the house and garden during the evenings.

Willow is very social and has plenty of other family members animal/human for company.

We will keep you updated on Willows progress weekly including photos and videos.