Nurse Clinics by Lucy Hartlebury-Forman

Nurse Clinics

If you have ever attended one of our veterinary practices, you may have noticed a network of support staff working alongside the veterinary surgeons.  A vital part of this support network are veterinary nurses who perform many roles within the practice, such as:-

  • professional care givers
  • anaesthetists
  • lab technicians and
  • radiographers, just to name but a few.

Another very important role is client and patient support which is offered through our nurse clinics.

Nurse clinics are run by our qualified nurses who can perform procedures such as:-

  • Nail clips
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear cleaning
  • Dental hygiene demonstrations
  • 2nd vaccinations

They also offer advice and support to pet owners on specific topics such as:-

  • Puppy and kitten advice
  • Senior pet advice
  • Nervousness and anxiety issues
  • Rabbit care advice
  • Weight clinics

Weight clinics allow our nurses to offer help and support to clients who wish to help their pet achieve a healthy body weight and size, reducing the risk of diabetes, arthritis ad heart problems.  The initial consultation, which often takes 20-30 minutes, enables the nurse to take measurements from the neck, chest and waist and check the pet’s current weight and body condition score.

The ideal body weight and body condition score are discussed and agreed and from this information, the nurse can then create a plan suitable for the clients to follow at home.  The client and pet are then invited to attend a weight clinics monthly in order to monitor any weight gain or loss, and the advice and support are altered to offer the best possible outcome for the pet.  These clinics are FREE.


There are a wide range of weight reducing/gaining/maintenance diets as well as feeding equipment to assist with weight monitoring and gentle exercise should be encouraged within the household.  We also stock low calorie dog treats for those owners who still like to treat their beloved pet whilst keeping up a balanced weight loss diet.

For more information or to book in or a nurse clinic, please contact your nearest practice.

Hedon 01482 898301

Holderness Road 01482 376477


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