Pet Vet Care

Haven Veterinary Group prides itself on the number of pets and small animals that are routinely treated.  Our small animal practice is happy to see all your pets – from dogs to dragons (bearded or otherwise), from cats to chinchillas and the whole range in between, be they feathered, furred or scaly.

Small Animal Section

Although our small animal practice deals primarily with dogs, cats, and rabbits, our vets regularly see exotic birds, rats, other small mammals and reptiles.  In fact we undertake all types of small animal work, from preventative health measures such as vaccination and neutering advice to in-depth surgical work and diagnostics.

We are currently the only veterinary practice in Hull and East Yorkshire to routinely use the latest Sevoflurane anaesthesia and have invested in extensive radiology, ECG, ultrasound, urinalysis and biochemistry facilities.

The vets are also licensed to provide pet passports and can certify the export of pet animals and the import and export of pet birds.