Cats are now the most popular pet in the UK, possibly due to their size and requiring less input (walkies) than dogs.

Cats are not small dogs.  They are carnivores and must have a diet rich in red meat, otherwise signs of deficiency will arise.  Cats like dogs require vaccination.  Most cats that are vaccinated are vaccinated against Cat flu and Enteritis.  However there is also a vaccine against Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV).  Please follow the link for more information about vaccinations – Vaccinating and worming. This is a retrovirus not dissimilar to Human AIDS.  There is a blood test for this virus and an effective vaccine. Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease. Please ask reception for details.

 Neutering a cat is very important.  Most owners have only limited control of their cats; they often come and go as they please.  This means that there is little control of how they breed.  If neutering was not common Britain would soon be over run by cats.  Also for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and FeLV can be transmitted during mating.  There is no cure of vaccine for FIV. Male cats will also mark their territory, which neutering reduces greatly.

Cats are the natural carrier of the most hardy and common type of flea.  Many cats are allergic to flea bites and so monthly applications of certain anti-flea products is recommended.