Haven can help you and your dog in so many ways.

Dogs are now only the second most popular pet in the U.K., having been over taken by cats.  This is probably a reflection of busier life styles and increased numbers of people living in smaller houses in cities.

However there are many breeds that are well suited to this life style due to size and exercise requirements

Haven strongly recommends vaccination of dogs. There are opponents to vaccination but the reality is Parvovirus, Distemper and Infectious canine Hepatitis can be fatal.  We believe that vaccination plays a very important role in maintaining an animal’s health. Haven uses vaccines that allow dogs out for walks two weeks before most other vaccines, allowing your dog to be socialised. The socialisation period is very important as dogs that are well socialised are friendlier, easier to handle and are simply more enjoyable pets.

We recommend neutering of dogs from six months of age. If a bitch is left to cycle without having pups or breast feeding there is almost a 50% chance of her developing mammary tumours by the time she is ten years of age.  Having a bitch spayed at the first season reduces this risk to about 1%.

Haven has a full range of services for your pet. We offer appointments throughout the day Monday to Friday. We have nurse clinics for Diabetes and weight management. We have full surgical facilities and don’t forget we are the only practice in Hull that has the anaesthetic Sevoflurane. There is diagnostic equipment for almost any condition.

Holderness Road is a nurse training centre. Haven Veterinary Group is also a Bulldog friendly practice.

The practice has had dedicated small animal vets at 684 Holderness Road for about 50 years now.  While we are in the same premises the building has been extensively remodelled and the level and sophistication of equipment has increased dramatically since the early days.

Both sites have ample car parking facilities.