Other Pets

There are many other pets that give great enjoyment, rabbits, parrots or lizards to name a few.

At Haven Veterinary Group we can offer your pet the treatment it requires and give you advice on providing the correct care to keep them fit and well. Some of the many animals we see are:



The practice has been helping tortoises and their keepers for many years but as other reptiles have become popular pets we now regularly see snakes, lizards and plenty of dragons!!



We can keep your rabbit safe from the horrible and fatal myxomatosis and haemorrhagic disease by vaccinating them (myxomatosis is spread by biting insects such as mosquitoes and is regularly seen in the middle of Hull). We can neuter them so you don’t get lots of little bunnies or can keep 2 males together. We can treat them when they are sick and give you advice on keeping them healthy.



Ferrets             ferrets

These are an increasingly popular pet that we have treated for many years. We would recommend that ferrets are vaccinated against distemper virus. We can also help prevent unwanted oestrus in jills through treatment or advice. It is important to remember that if left unchecked this can be fatal.



(Including Rats, Hamsters, Guinea pigs and Chinchillas)

Jim Morris is especially interested in rodents and so we are able to offer lots of advice on looking after them and are extremely experienced in caring for them when sick.


Birds   cockatiel

We see all sorts of birds here at Haven Veterinary Group, whilst budgies and parrots have been seen in the surgery for many years; we are now seeing many more pet chickens. Our experience with farmed birds allows us to advise you on how to keep healthy birds and to treat them when sick. Indeed our vet Jim Morris keeps a few chickens himself and so has practical hands on experience and advice. We also regularly see raptors.