Preston school turns to pet care to enrich children’s education

Kim Barrow with pupils from Preston Primary SchoolIt may be the height of Summer, but for the staff and pupils at Preston Primary School, their “Blossom” has gone. But all is not lost thanks to the generosity of local vet Jim Morris and his team.


“Blossom” is the pet rabbit that decided to go on a great escape adventure from her hutch in the grounds of Preston Primary School. Jim Morris, owner and principal vet at Haven Veterinary Practice, that has practices in Hull and Hedon, heard about their loss and stepped in with the donation of a new,  more secure, small animal hutch that is now sited in the school grounds.


“Pet care is a wonderful thing to teach to young people,” says Jim. “It is about feeding, grooming, cleaning, security and learning to take responsibility. So we felt it would be a good thing to visit the school and talk to the pupils directly and our young veterinarian Kim Barrow was keen to volunteer.”


“To help me with my presentation,” says Kim, “I took along two of our lovely guinea pigs, Darwin and Jake. They were a big hit with the children who now have to decide whether they want another rabbit or to move over to guinea pigs. Either way they now have a perfect environment to house their choice of school pet.”


“It was really kind of Jim and his team to help us out,” reports the school’s Foundation Class teacher, Jane Drake. “We had a lovely morning learning from Kim and having the opportunity to play with her two furry friends. As a school we are strongly committed to providing out-of-the-classroom experiences to enrich the children’s education, from animal care to woodland activities and growing our own vegetables.”


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