Willow the Red Necked Wallaby Joey

Here at Haven Veterinary Group we have some nice news to share –
We would like to introduce you to ‘Willow’ the Red Necked Wallaby joey.

Willow was brought to us in late May after being rejected by her mother. We ascertained that she was approximately 6 months old by looking at her dental development which meant she should actually still be getting all her care and food by way of milk within her mothers pouch for another 4 months or so.

Therefore a surrogate mother was needed. Hayley (our senior nurse) stepped in and has become Willows ‘mum’.  A man-made pouch was constructed, incorporating a heat pad and the process of 4 hourly feeds round the clock commenced. Willow quickly got used to living in her pouch at the end of the bed at Hayley’s house (Mick her husband is very understanding!) and spending her days whilst Hayley was at work hanging in her pouch in Jim’s (our principles office who is also very accommodating!) 

Willow is doing really well and is now approximately 8 1/2 months old and going from strength to strength. She now only requires bottle feeding morning and night and is eating solid food, grasses and greens and has trebled in weight.

As wallabies are mainly nocturnal she now spends her days at Hayleys home snoozing in her pouch during the day and bounding around the house and garden during the evenings.

Willow is very social and has plenty of other family members animal/human for company.

We will keep you updated on Willows progress weekly including photos and videos.

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