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In-house diagnostics

We have a range of mobile equipment which we can bring with us to your yard for the swift diagnosis of any potential issues your horse may be dealing with.

This is particularly useful in lameness investigations, as well as in the investigation of a range of illnesses and injuries.


X-rays are essential in lameness investigations, using small amounts of radiation to produce images of bones and joints. Conditions which x-rays can highlight include foot imbalance, arthritis, laminitis and fractures.

We also use x-rays to assess dental and sinus conditions, and neck and back health, although x-rays are not as useful when it comes to soft tissue injuries.

We have a full portable x-ray machine, allowing us to investigate your horse in the comfort of your yard and to access results immediately.


Ultrasound imaging involves the use of soundwaves to produce images, and is useful for assessing soft tissue such as tendons and ligaments, as well as organs.

We also use ultrasound scanning to assist in pregnancy diagnosis and other reproductive conditions.

Respiratory endoscopy

This involves passing a camera up through the nose into the airways, enabling us to diagnose problems and issues within the respiratory tract, as well as taking diagnostic sampling as needed.

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