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Standing castrations

Castration, the surgical removal of a horse’s testicles, is a routine surgical procedure that is usually quick and straightforward.

Castrating a male horse can have medical and behavioral benefits, and should be considered unless you are planning on breeding your horse. Stallions can be difficult to manage, aggressive and territorial, and may need specialist stabling.

The operation can be performed at any age as long as the testicles have descended, and at any time of the year, although recovery can be best in spring or autumn, to avoid flies in summer and mud in winter.

We offer standing castration under sedation, which we believe to be the preferable method of treatment, as it avoids the risk of general anaesthetic. However, it does require both that your horse has a reasonable temperament, and that it is big enough for our vet to work beneath.

Castration under general anaesthetic may be a better option in small horses and ponies, or with very nervous horses.

We tend to leave the wounds open to allow them to drain, meaning it is essential that the horse is kept in a clean environment after the operation.

If you have any questions about castration, please contact the team.

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