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In-house laboratory testing

Our in-house lab allows us to rapidly carry out tests and deliver results at the practice, reducing costs for our clients while cutting down diagnosis times for patients when compared to sending samples to specialist labs.

Many illnesses require laboratory testing for accurate diagnosis. Tests we can run from the practice include:

  • Blood testing, including biochemistry which analyses blood looking for problems in the liver and kidney and for metabolic issues such as diabetes, and haematology, which looks at red and white blood cells and can identify infections, anaemia and some cancers.

  • We can also run blood tests for thyroid levels, pancreatic checks, blood clotting and some infectious viruses.

  • Urinalysis examines  urine and identifies the presence of blood protein, glucose, pH and bacteria.

  • Skin scrapes and hair plucks for parasites such as mites and lice.

There may be some tests that we believe can help in the diagnosis of your pet’s condition that require a specialist lab. In this case, we will send samples via courier and hope to receive results within a week.

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