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Nurse clinics

We have a fantastic team of Registered Veterinary Nurses, and offer a range of clinics to help you to care for your pet.

Our nurses can help with routine services that do not require an appointment with a vet, such as second course vaccinations, claw clipping, anal gland evacuations and advice on flea and worm treatments.

We also offer more focused clinics.

New puppy consults

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time, but it can also leave new owners with questions.

Our nursing puppy consults are a great opportunity to introduce the new member of your family to the practice, and to show them that a trip to the vets is no reason for concern! Our nurses love to meet puppies and are sure to give them lots of fuss.

Your nurse will also ensure that your puppy is healthy and offer any advice you may need on their care, from diet to behaviour and anything else that you have questions about.

Weight clinics

It is increasingly common that we see pets brought into practice that are overweight – and often their owners are surprised to hear that this is the case.

This causes severe problems for your pet’s health. Simply put, animals aren’t designed to carry excess weight, and doing so can cause diabetes, joint problems, heart disease, cancer, liver disease and respiratory disease.

Managing your pet’s diet may seem difficult, but our nurses are here to help.

With the right advice and guidance, it should be possible for your pet to reach their ideal weight, which will lead to them being happier and healthier.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of our nursing clinics, please contact the practice to arrange an appointment.

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